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FLIR introduces Thermal Studio

May 6, 2019  By UAV Canada Staff

FLIR Thermal Studio provides custom analysis templates. (Photo: FLIR)

FLIR Systems Inc., which focuses on intelligent sensing solutions, has introduced FLIR Thermal Studio, a thermal image analysis and reporting software designed to manage large sets of thermal images and videos. Thermal Studio is engineered for thermographers who use FLIR thermal handheld cameras, optical gas imaging (OGI) cameras, and unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) with thermal cameras to streamline workflow and increase productivity.

Thermal Studio, explains FLIR, provides new measurement functions, advanced formula capability, and custom analysis templates for professional thermographers. The program allows for the tuning of batches of thermal photos or videos, which can be useful for UAS operators who record thousands of images in a single survey. The software allows them to edit or extract hot spot data quickly and then export it for further analysis.

This new software also offers high-sensitivity mode and pixel-binding for enhanced gas visualization from .SEQ and .CSQ files, which can help OGI technicians identify gas leaks in motion with video. With advanced measurement functions and coverage calculation, FLIR explains predictive maintenance professionals can generate custom reports quickly — up to 100 pages in less than a minute.


Thermal Studio includes multi-source plots and formula computations, multi-format export, and FLIR’s patented Multi Spectral Dynamic Imaging (MSX), which superimposes visual light details on thermal images. The program is compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10 without the need for Microsoft Office.

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