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Drone Delivery Canada awarded second U.S. Patent

April 28, 2020  By  UAV Canada Staff

Drone Delivery Canada on April 21 was granted DDC Patent 10,625,879 from the United States Patent Office. The new patent covers aspects of Drone Delivery Canada’s (DDC) technology and processes called DRONESPOT, which relates to controlled access zones for UAV landing and takeoff.

More specifically, the patent is directed to aspects of DDC’s proprietary FLYTE management system, which the company describes as a core component of its drone delivery platform. DDC explains the patent is also directed to aspects of its Railway in the Sky concept that is intended to simplify routing and control of delivery drones, particularly in crowded urban areas.

“This is our second issued United States Patent Office grant and provides protection for various aspects of our controlled access zones, DRONESPOT,” said Paul Di Benedetto, CTO of Drone Delivery Canada. “DRONESPOTS may provide a secure enclosure and other elements to control access, both to secured goods in transit by UAV and to control interaction between individuals and UAVs.”


DDC is currently seeking patent protection for other aspects of its technology in the U.S. and other countries.

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