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Transport Canada approves Volatus BVLOS operations across Canada

June 16, 2021  By  Naomi Szeben

Image courtesy of Volatus Aerospace Corp.

Volatus was granted a Special Flight Operating Certificate (SFOC) from Transport Canada to conduct remotely piloted beyond the visual line of sight (BVLOS) aerial operations across Canada.

Volatus will conduct a variety of missions across the country to demonstrate the power of remotely piloted aircraft systems. BVLOS operations provide for maximum efficiency allowing survey, imaging, and mapping missions to collect more data in fewer deployments by enabling a drone to cover far greater distances than missions restricted to visual line of sight.

Commenting on this advanced program, Glen Lynch, CEO said in a statement, “Volatus is committed to advancing BVLOS operations across Canada. We have developed an extensive training program for pilots and procedures for autonomous drone operations. Beginning this month, our team will begin regular flight training missions in all regions in Canada on an ongoing basis – partnering with organizations that want to lead the way into this new frontier”.


Flying a drone BVLOS is the next major step in enabling a robust commercial ecosystem for disruptive drone technologies. Indeed, the world is anxiously awaiting the day a drone delivers its Amazon box or pizza, but flight beyond visual line of sight is much more than that.

Drones offer the ways to reduce human risk in hazardous situations, enhance the collection of data in an environmentally and cost-effective manner; perform search & rescue activity; conduct security and surveillance operations, and provide highly accurate and timely actionable intelligence to manage buildings, infrastructure, environment, and wildlife.

Flights under these conditions will allow commercial service providers to conduct complex, autonomous drone operations in areas generally difficult and expensive to access or dangerous, without risk to human life.

In addition to the much-anticipated drone delivery service; future BVLOS operations will be an essential requirement for remotely piloted passenger and cargo aircraft.

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