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InDro Robotics launches drone learning portal with instructor Kate Klassen

February 16, 2022  By  UAV Canada Staff

InDro Robotics’ new FLYY online learning platform for drone operators, developed by well-known instructor Kate Klassen, is designed for accessibility with closed captions. (Photo: InDro Robotics)

InDro Robotics is introducing FLYY as an online learning and resource portal to prepare drone pilots for flying safely and legally in Canada. As a portal launch introduction, the courses are being discounted by 15 per cent until March 1, 2022.

InDro explains this new initiative provides Canadian drone pilots, also known as and Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) pilots, with self-paced, step-by-step courses to help them earn their Basic or Advanced RPAS Certificate from Transport Canada (TC). The course material is compliant with TC’s Knowledge Requirements for operating drones weighing from 250g to 25kg within Visual Line of Sight (TP 15263).

In addition, InDro explains FLYY offers the ability to book an in-person Flight Review through the learning portal’s network of TC-authorized reviewers – along with a study guide to help ensure success in passing the Review.


The new FLYY website further builds on InDro’s long history of RPAS instruction excellence. Kate Klassen is serving as the primary instructor of FLYY, for which she was also its architect. Klassen, explains InDro, previously helped create and instruct one of the most popular online drone courses in Canada and has worked closely with Transport Canada on multiple initiatives, including the Canadian Drone Advisory Committee (CanaDAC).

“I’ve constructed the FLYY courses and guides to ensure success for those seeking to become Basic or Advanced RPAS pilots,” said Klassen, who is also a commercial pilot and aviation instructor. “We’ve put a lot of effort into making these courses not only educational but fun and engaging. This is definitely the most comprehensive suite of courses I’ve pulled together, and it’s fully updated for 2022.”

FLYY’s comprehensive series of offerings include foundational courses, such as an 84-lesson, Basic ground school and practice exam (videos, quizzes and downloadable resources), and an Advanced ground school. In addition, FLYY Guides are available for Standard Operating Procedures as well as to help prepare for the Flight Review. Pilots can also book an in-person Flight Review or first sign up for Online Flight Training to build skill with animated guidance on flight maneuvers every pilot should know.

“Kate Klassen is an industry pro and has done a tremendous job with this content,” said Philip Reece, CEO, InDro Robotics. “With her deep expertise in traditional aviation, drones and online teaching she’s the ideal person to have shaped – and to present – this course. I see this as an important extension of InDro’s well-respected in-person courses, allowing us to offer the same high level of expertise to new drone pilots across the country.”

InDro explains its students and pilots also have access to the new FLYY Learner Forum, where aspiring pilots and seasoned professionals alike can share successes, tips, questions and more in a fun and collaborative space. The forum is moderated by drone experts, including Klassen.

“We’ve already had tremendous feedback from our first students,” says Klassen. “They liked the self-paced approach and said FLYY made learning – even taking quizzes – fun. I’m so pleased to be accessible again through this training portal and am reassured knowing that FLYY students will obtain all the fundamentals for safe, responsible piloting whether for work, research or pleasure.”

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